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Terms & Conditions

By visiting this website and accessing the information herein, including suggested services, resources and products, you agree to the following terms and conditions. If you feel the need for any further clarification, please contact the clinic. Coreen would be happy to help you!

Skin Care by Coreen is an aesthetic center that offers innovative skin treatments and therapies under the supervision of Coreen Mathe. Coreen is a surgical technologist as well as an esthetician; she is the owner of the center as well. It is an owner-facility and the therapies are provided on a private basis only.

Any website blog posts, newsgroups, reviews, social media services etc., are opinions of individual posters, and may or may not reflect the opinions of Coreen Mathe, the owner. This means that if you choose to utilize the opinions and services of others posting to the site it is your personal responsibility.

Here at Skin Care by Coreen your safety and satisfaction are the main priorities. All the services are performed with proficiency and all staff members are highly qualified, licensed professionals.

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